What’s red, tart and festive, and goes perfectly with the holidays? Cranberries!

Our ruby dried cranberries are great in all kinds of dishes, from cookies and breads to salads and sides to go with your turkey.

If you’re in charge of drinks at your Christmas party, we’ve got you covered too – try our cranberry cocktail drinks, which are excellent mixers in your fruit punch and cocktails. If you want something more than just plain cranberry, we've got cranapple, crangrape, and cranberry/blackcurrant varieties to spice things up a little.

Here are just a few recipes to get you in the mood for some holiday cooking! 

White chocolate cranberry cookies by Trisha Yearwood 

Cranberry cheese bread by Guai Shu Shu 

Cranberry Apple Crisp from Epicurious

Holiday tossed salad from Taste of Home

Cranberry champagne cocktail by Olivier Cheng